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PouchMart specializes in custom and in stock pouches, bags, ribbons and sacks in almost every shape and size. Our loyal customers use our products for everything from wedding favors to jewelry bags, and the possibilities with our products are endless. How you present a gift or favor makes a difference. Let us show you some unique ideas!

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Custom Printed Bags: Great Ideas For Your Bridesmaids + More!

Here at Pouch Mart, we offered custom printed bags that are the cutest gifts for your bridesmaids. Wedding season is in full swing and many of you were just recently engaged and are now tasked with the job of planning a wedding. Your chosen bridesmaids will be thrilled to help… read more

Leave A Lasting Impression With Custom Pouch Bags

The memory is much more complex than can be explained here. However, in this post let’s explore repetition. After all, this is what we use promotional items for in our businesses. The idea is to choose memorable gifts such as our custom printed bags so that each time they are… read more

Uncommon Ways To Impress Your Customers

We are always looking for new ways to impress our customers so they keep coming back. Customers are what make the wheels of a business turn. No matter what type of business you have, it is important for your clients to know their value to your business. The key is… read more

The Elegant Perfect Organza Bag

Organza bags are made from thin, sheer and crisp-textured fabric. The bags are small, have draw-string functions and come in various prints because they are readily available in different patterns, sizes and colors. For parties and weddings, you simply fill these bags with sweets, a thank you card, or other… read more

The Gift Bag That Keeps Giving

What could be better than a gift presented in a beautiful reusable package? One of the most memorable gifts to receive is a bottle of wine slipped into a velvet bag, especially since the bag can be used long after the bottle of wine is gone. Pouchmart carries an extensive… read more

Thanksgiving Gift Bags

With the approach of the yearly holiday season, a big gift giving season gets started. Thanksgiving is around the corner and if you are looking for a Thanksgiving gift for a family member or friend who is considered the resident movie buff, you will find these ideas helpful. We have… read more

What Is Organza?

While there are some great ways to intertwine the home and wardrobe with a sense of luxury, few of them can equal the use of organza. This fabric can be used in many ways besides in organza bags. As a sheer fabric that provides a look and feel that is… read more

Halloween Treat Bags

Fall is officially underway and Halloween is right around the corner! That means haunted houses, tons of candy, and fun costume parties.This is also the perfect opportunity for you to order organza bags from PouchMart and create candy gift bags to hand out for a personal touch. If you are… read more

The Versatility Of Organza Bags

When buying organza bags wholesale, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of different things that can be done with them. Their versatility is one of the many reasons why these bags are so popular with small people. Because they are elegant, there are a number… read more