Organza Bags

Recycle And Reuse Your Organza Bags

Are you someone who prides yourself on working towards 100% sustainability? Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite things. Repurposing! If you have organza bags laying around that are not being used here are some cool tips on what you can do with them. We have… read more

Organza Bags & Your Business

Organza bags are one of the most versatile products for your retail store. They have so many uses that are always evolving. The only limits are limits in your imagination! Retail stores can use organza bags by filling them with anything from candy to sea salts, potpourri, soaps, candles, jewelry,… read more

Surprise Mom On Mother’s Day With Custom Organza Bags

Celebrate your Mom this Mother’s Day with specialty organza bags made just for her. This is the perfect unique gift that is sure to show her just how much she means to you. Pick a couple of your favorite family photos to hot stamp right onto them. Imagine her surprise… read more

Give The Gift Of Easter With Our Organza Bags

Easter is here! People everywhere are preparing for annual easter egg hunts and family celebrations. We have the perfect way to change up that old easter egg hunt. Our organza bags are the solution to swapping out those cheesy plastic eggs. Instead, fill our bags with jelly beans, chocolate, or… read more

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

You have screwed up. Valentine’s Day is only 4 days away and you have yet to get the one you love anything special or meaningful. One of the major problems with Valentine’s Day gift giving is the fact that everyone expects them to be meaningful and heartfelt. This can be… read more

Trendsetter: Doggie Birthday Parties

People love their pets. Pets are absolutely part of the family. The way that they cheer us up, cuddle, and make us laugh, makes them an important aspect of our lives. As animal owners we can attest to the fact that we can be a little crazy when it comes… read more

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Warning! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Have you had the time or the forethought to buy your significant other a romantic and thoughtful gift? It is never a good idea to skip gift giving on the most romantic holiday of the year. For all of the wrapping-handicapped men… read more

Special Occasion Gift Bags

Special occasions spring up more often than holidays. Whether you are headed to a birthday party or to a graduation, gifts are usually a staple of these special occasions. How do you wrap those oddly shaped gifts that you need to take with you? Organza bags from Pouch Mart make… read more

Popularity of Organza Bags as a Wedding Favor Bag

Weddings can be unbelievably expensive and it has become a tradition to give guests a parting gift or wedding favor. When you add up the cost of a small token of appreciation for each guest, your overall budget just skyrocketed. Small or large, you must wrap these gifts in an… read more