Organize Your Sewing Kit with Organza Bags!

32-B007__41545.1301468785.1280.1280If you’ve spent hours at your sewing table, dutifully crafting the perfect costume for yourself, your significant other, or your kids, you’ve likely noticed that your sewing kit can quickly go from orderly to a complete mess in no time flat. At Pouch Mart, we want to help you take control of your sewing kit, so you can reestablish your cherished sense of order and keep all your tools together without having to hunt them down every time you need to change a bobbin.

Keep Like Items Together

If you have your fair share of spare bobbins floating around your sewing box, you’ve likely struggled to find them when you need them. Rather than having to take your kit apart looking for a small metal accessory, pack them together in a single organza bag. Rather than rummaging through your box to find a single tiny bobbin, all you’ll have to do is find the bag!

Color Code Your Tools

At Pouch Mart, we carry a wide array of organza bags, from bright colors to intricate patterns. If you’re working with several shades of white, put each shade in a different color organza bag. Tie a label to the drawstring so you’ll always know which shade you’re reaching for. Rather than having to study the thread to make sure you have the exact color you need, you’ll be able to look for the right color bag!

Stop Hunting for Your Measuring Tape!

If you’re like many of our crafting clients, you have a small collection of measuring tapes in varying lengths and units of measurement. Perhaps you’ve lost a few and acquired replacements, only to find your missing measuring tape was sitting underneath your pile of fabric. Rather than facing the perpetual hunt, keep your measuring tapes together in a convenient location that’s easy to find at a moment’s notice. Again, pick a distinctive color so you can easily find it without confusing the pouch for other necessary tools.

Use Cloth for Sharp Items

Every sewing fanatic needs an abundance of safety pins, needles, and other sharp objects, and keeping them loose in your kit can wreak havoc on your hands. Save yourself from cuts and pinpricks by grouping your sharp items together and placing them in a high-quality cloth bag. Our linen bags are easy to write on, durable, and come in multiple sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect pouch for your needs!

No matter how large your sewing kit is, Pouch Mart’s organza bags can help you organize your tools. Browse our selection of brightly colored organza bags and pouches today!