Make the Coolest Halloween Goody Bags with Our Organza Pouches

Black and White Star Organza BagsHalloween is a magical time of year. Kids dress up and patrol the neighborhood in search of candy and frights. While you’re likely used to handing out sweet treats to young trick-or-treaters, we all know that too much sugar is never a good thing. Rather than passing out candy this year, consider making trick-or-treat gift bags for your neighborhood goblins and ghouls.

Give Useful Items

Since school is still in session, Halloween-themed school supplies can help kids keep the season alive for a bit longer. Look for orange and black pencils and decorative erasers to include in your goody bag.

Stickers are Fun

Everyone, even adults, enjoys stickers. Grab a pack of Halloween or fall-themed stickers at your local party supply store. To make the most of your pack, cut the sheets into small sticker squares and include a couple in each bag. That way, each sheet can contribute to multiple bags.

Pumpkin Seeds

Give the gift of a home-based pumpkin patch! Save the pumpkin seeds you scoop out of your carving pumpkins, rinse them, and let them dry. Pack a few seeds in each bag with a note to help kids plant their own pumpkins! If they successfully start the plant, they may be able to carve a pumpkin they harvest from their backyard next year!

Make Halloween Bookmarks

Pick up a pack of construction paper at your local arts and crafts store and encourage your kids to help you create jack-o’-lantern bookmarks! Cut out orange pumpkin shapes and black triangles for eyes. Let your kids help you glue the pieces together and draw on a toothy smile for the perfect spooky bookmark!

Halloween Bracelets

Get your kids involved in making your goody bags by having them help you make bracelets! Use bright orange, black, and glow-in-the-dark pony beads on an elastic string. Let them decide on the pattern, whether they want to alternate colors, or string them in a random order. Err on the larger side for sizing. After all, kids of all ages enjoy Halloween and your kids will love helping you create a personalized, sugar-free goody bag for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

Once you have your goodies assembled, pack them in organza bags and finish them with a festive ribbon from Pouch Mart. We’re proud to carry a wide variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect organza pouch for your project. Order your organza bags today and take your trick-or-treat goodie bags to the next level!