Hosting a Party? Have the Perfect Favor Bag!

It’s fall and that means it’s time to start planning for your Halloween party. You’ve figured out your punch recipe, found costumes for the whole family, and stocked up on candy for trick or treaters, but what about party favors? No one wants to go home empty-handed on Halloween! Create the perfect party favor bag with a little help from PouchMart!

32-b780__69257-1326485856-1280-1280The Goodies

Everyone has a soft spot for Halloween candy. Buy a few extra bags of your favorite mix and fill our organza bags and pouches with a handful. If you’re feeling industrious, you can make your own Halloween treats like popcorn balls, or chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. Just be sure to include the sweet stuff! It is Halloween, after all!

Choose a Color

PouchMart has a wide selection of organza bags, so you can find the perfect shape and color for your party. Consider using a color that goes with your theme. If you’re hosting a traditional Halloween party and using orange and black decorations, stick with a black organza bag. Our metallic star print bags are a perfect choice for night-time parties. However, if you’re hosting an elegant Victorian-themed costume party, opt for something a bit more elegant like our damask organza bags. Add a pop of color with a bright ribbon and you’ll be all set!

Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you this year. Be prepared for your party and hand out the best party favors in town, all packaged in the perfect organza bag! Order your bags today and get free shipping on orders over 100 dollars!