Use Organza Bags at Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Event!

Fall is the perfect time to redouble your fundraising efforts at your nonprofit. No matter what cause you support, you’ll need to come up with ideas for successful fundraisers to attract potential donors and raise awareness of your organization. At Pouch Mart, we want to help. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you increase your donations this fundraising season.

Bake Sale
Hosting a bake sale is a surefire way to attract donations. You’ll find that many people can’t resist the lure of homemade cookies, brownies, and pies. While the quality of your baked goods is important, you should be careful about how you package your treats. Wrap the baked goods in cellophane wrapping and place the bundle in an organza pouch. The bright colors will attract attention and will help you quickly distinguish between chocolate chip cookies and brownies at a glance.Purple Organza Bags

Host a Craft Fair
In all likelihood, your organization and its regular supporters are crafty in their spare time. From hand painted holiday decorations made out of gourds to hand-knitted sweaters and hats, you’ll have enough vendors and crafts to significantly improve your fundraising efforts. Ask vendors to donate all or a portion of their sales to your cause in return for free booth space.

At the fair, set up a booth with information about your organization and organize souvenir bags your attendees can take home with them. Pouch Mart can create custom organza bags, printed with your logo and information.

No matter what event you host, Pouch Mart can help provide quality packaging options for crafts, bake sale goodies, and information packets. Our organza pouches make the perfect, eye-catching wrapping! Best of all, we offer discounts for nonprofit organizations. Contact us today for more information.