Benefits of Using Organza Bags When Selling Your Crafts

Pouch Mart carries organza bags for just about every purpose you can imagine. From large and brightly colored bags to small, flat bottom bags, we have exactly what you’re looking for to package or display your crafts. Some of our favorite products are our flat bottom organza bags. If you’re trying to decide which bag is right for your packaging, consider these benefits:


  • Organza bags are sheer, letting you display your goods while offering a simple, lightweight protective layer, keeping your product safe from dust and scratches from debris.
  • These pouches feel nice. There’s no denying that organza has an interesting texture. For many people, this is one of the selling points on the pouches. Organza is unlike most other materials, both in its look and its feel. Though scratchy to the touch, it won’t damage sensitive items like jewelry or even candles.
  • They make the perfect container for scented items like potpourri and bath beads. The sheer quality of the fabric lets the scent permeate from the bag, letting you keep the scented items contained.
  • We have flat bottom organza bags available. These bags make for the perfect display piece as they’re able to stand up on their own. For added security, cut a small piece of cardboard to insert in the bottom. This gives your package a neat and polished appearance.

Order your organza bags today and make your gifts and crafts look great with a professionally packaged look. At Pouch Mart, we have the right size and color bag for your products.