Party Favors for Your Barbeque!

Hosting a summer barbecue is a fantastic way to entertain friends and family alike. Whether you’re having friends from out of town or down the street, sending them home with something from the cookout can be a fantastic way to wrap up the evening. Here are a few ideas you can use to fill one of our custom printed bags for your guests to enjoy after the barbeque.



If your barbeque rub is legendary in your neighborhood, consider filling a small container with your concoction to hand out to your guests at the end of the party. This will let them take a taste of the barbeque home with them so they can relive the memories from the comfort of their own kitchen.


Sauce Recipe Cards

If you’re willing to share your proprietary barbeque sauce with your friends, write or type out the recipe on an index card and include it in your bundle. Nothing says “BBQ” like great sauce, and giving the recipe as a party favor can truly be a priceless gift.Thank_You__62552.1393655496.1280.1280



Barbeque is inherently messy, and the better the sauce, the messier the food. With your dry rub and sauce recipe, add a disposable bib or two to encourage your guests to recreate the experience at home.


Corn Skewers

Nothing says barbeque like fresh grilled corn, but it can be too hot to handle straight off the grill. Add a few corn skewers so your guests can have the complete barbeque experience at home.


Order your custom printed bags for your next barbeque and send your guests home with more than just memories.