More Uses of Organza Bags!

32-B007__41545.1301468785.1280.1280Organza bags are good for far more than simple party favors or jewelry storage solutions. In a previous blog, we discussed the many uses of organza bags, and today, we’ll talk about a few more. These bags are truly one of the most versatile and useful additions to your home.

Keep Games Organized
How many times have you opened up a board game only to find that there are missing pieces? Different color organza bags allow you to keep cards, playing pieces, and accessories separate from one another inside the box, and keeps any unused pieces from rolling on the floor.

Grow Your Own Sprouts
Sure, you can purchase a dedicated sprouting kit, but our organza bags make it easy and far more affordable. Instead, place the seeds in the organza bag. You’ll want to dampen it frequently. In between waterings, hang the bag over a sink to drip. The sprouts should grow through the thin layer of organza, giving them stability and a solid structure to grow in.

Portion Out Candy
If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself from eating that entire bag of jelly beans, pour individual portion sizes into several organza bags. Rather than reaching for the entire bag, you’ll be able to reach for a small portion and know exactly how much sugar you’re getting in one sitting.

Organize Stationery
Rather than keeping a large box full of loose thank you cards and stationery, place them in an organza bag and stick them in your desk drawer. This will keep the cards and envelopes together and prevents the cards from sliding around your drawer.

At Pouch Mart, we believe that organza bags are both useful and decorative additions to your home. Browse our selection today and order the right bags for your needs.