Organza Bags for Wedding Favors

b086-02__67795.1376937442.1280.1280Wedding planning is an inherently stressful process. There are a thousand and one things to consider when you’re trying to wrap up the details, and wedding favors often become one of the last-minute stressors. Here are a few ideas to get you through the planning stages without panic.

Give What You Like

Give favors that you would want to receive. While you may be on a tight budget, stay away from low-quality party favors that will simply get discarded once your guests leave the reception. Look for items that are meaningful or useful. Consider giving custom lip balms, keychains, or other useful, but tasteful mementos.

Homemade Makes a Statement
Go with homemade goodies. If you or someone close to you is a stellar baker, ask them to make a few batches of your favorite cookies and wrap them in our organza bags. Not only will you be sharing something you enjoy, but you’ll be giving something that won’t take up space in someone’s desk drawer. You may want to pack a few extras as these favors have a way of disappearing quickly.

Be Unique
You don’t have to stick with tradition. While Jordan almonds are delicious, feel free to branch out. If you’re a nature lover, give out seeds of your favorite flowers, or make your own delicious trail mix. Your wedding favors should be as unique as you are, and doing things yourself can help reduce the overall cost.

Order your organza bags today and get started planning your wedding favors early. The sooner you start on the little things, the less stressful the week leading up to your big day will be.