Stay Organized with Velour Bags

Our custom velour bags are the perfect tool to help you stay organized. Available in a wide variety of different sizes and colors, these bags will come in handy any time you need a flexible and convenient storage option. Here, we will look at three different scenarios where velour bags can improve your organization.

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Do you love jewelry? Then you’ll love utilizing velour bags to help keep your jewelry safely organized. While our bags are great for organizing your jewelry at home, they really come in handy when you are traveling. Simply pop the jewelry you want to travel with into one of our velour bags, toss it in your luggage, and rest assured that your jewelry will not end up scattered and separated.


If you’re a sewing expert, you know the importance of keeping your sewing materials neat and organized. Implementing a color-coded velour bag-based organization system is a great way to keep all of your buttons, beads, and other small items neatly organized.


Sewing isn’t the only craft that benefits from the organizational convenience offered by velour bags. Jewelry making, Perler™ beads, and various children’s crafts are just a few of the different activities you can organize with velour bags.

Organization is one of the keys to staying stress free, and utilizing velour bags for organization is a great way to get started. Having a bulk of these bags on hand will allow you to quickly and easily get organized. Shop online for yours today!