Custom Velour Bags Can Be a Boost to Your Marketing

Velour BagsMany businesses use velour bags so package items sold in their stores. However, not all of those businesses are taking advantage of the simple step of customizing those velour bags with their businesses information. Pouch Mart offers customized velour bags that are probably more affordable than you thought possible. We can customize your velour bags with almost anything: your business logo, store location information, even coupons and specials. A member of our customer service team can help guide you through the customization process.

But why go to the effort? It’s simple: customized bags are cheap and effective marketing. You know that word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most effective marketing you can get. A custom velour bag is akin to a person’s recommendation. Others see that the piece they purchased was from your store and know that it must be a great place to shop. Plus most customers will hold onto their velour bags, even if they aren’t used to store their original purchase. They might become holders for other items in their household or purse, but very few are thrown away. That means your logo stays in sight more often and at the forefront of their minds for the next time they need to make a purchase.

Spend your marketing budget wisely with customized velour bags from Pouch Mart. We have several bags to choose from in the colors and sizes that make sense for your store. We’ll customize them to your desire and then ship them right to your door. When you spend $100 or more, the shipping is on us! Place an order with Pouch Mart today.