Custom Bags Are Great Wedding Favors

Our custom printed bags offer a great way to give your guests a keepsake from your day, but what will you put in it? In our last blog, we began discussing some great ideas to put into your custom printed wedding favor bags to wow your guests. From sunglasses to s’mores kits, it’s easy to make it look like you’ve put a lot of effort into your gifts. Today we’re back and we’ve got some more great wedding favor ideas to put into your custom bags.

Easy Ideas for Wedding Favors Using Custom Bags

custom bags

  • Custom coffee bean bags. You can even buy these pre-packaged personalized wedding favors to put into your custom bags from Etsy! If you know that a lot of your guests love caffeine, this is a great idea!
  • Salt water taffy is always a great idea and you can tailor the flavors to the season in which you’re getting married! Either DIY or buy in bulk, we suggest fun flavors like pumpkin or hazelnut.
  • Tiny stickers is another great idea! Get creative with little stickers in the fashion of cats or dogs, or tailor them more to your wedding theme! We can’t be the only people who are in love with this idea!
  • Bottle openers are also a great idea – especially when they’re customized with your wedding date or something relevant to your wedding. Plus, you can’t have too many bottle openers!
  • Classy little hangover kits are a great hit when it comes to receptions where you know everyone will be indulging. Include little bottles of water or Powerade, an eye mask, and a little bottle of ibuprofen.

Custom bags can often cost a lot of money and price shopping can take a ton of time. When planning for a big event, the last thing you need to be doing to calling multiple companies comparing styles and quantities to fit within your budget. We are the low cost solution for high quality, custom bags for your event and we will give you a custom quote based on your exact needs right away.